A Monologue with Another

He: “So what do you do in life?”

She: “Wow! This is a difficult question to answer.”

He: “What is so difficult about it? What do you work? What have you studied? How do you spend your free time?”

She:  “I cannot tell.”

He: “Why not?”

She: “Because I do not want you to define me by what I do, what I have studied, and how I spend my free time. I am more than a title at a job, a major I specialized in, and a hobby I have. I am more than an outfit I wear, the car I drive, and the food I eat. I am more than words on a page, a name my parents gave me, and the words I utter.”


He: “Umm. All I wanted was to start a conversation. To get to know you. To get you to talk.”

She: “I already told you more about me than what you would have learned from my major or job.”


He: “God you’re weird!”

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