Women Flipped Election Results!


Yes, I am very happy with the results of the mid-term elections, although I am disappointed that the Democratic Party did not pick up more seats in the Senate. They, in fact, lost two! Why am I happy despite the loss of two seats in the Senate? WOMEN WON 26 ADDITIONAL SEATS!

When I voted, I voted for women Democrats and Liberals. I purposely voted for women because I strongly believe that we need to level power control around the world.

Every time a woman wins a race, I am happy. Every time a woman attains high administrative levels, I am happy. Every time a woman accomplishes anything, I am happy.

Women have not been supporting each other for decades. They have been plagued with jealousy and futile competitiveness based on superficial values and concerns.

Enough is enough.

It is time we start being each other’s biggest supporters. It is time we celebrate each other. It is time we take control of the world in an equal fashion to men.

I am fed up hearing women discuss shallow matters instead of concentrating on their potential in making a huge difference in the world. We need to stand together and make sure that we save this planet for the future generations–a planet almost destroyed by men’s wars, greed, and cockfighting.

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